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Project: To create, maintain, and promote the brand standards of Spoonk Space Inc. Spoonk is a start-up company that sells acupressure massage mats. The Spoonk Mat has over 6000 stimulation points that give the effect of a deep tissue massage. It helps to reduce tension and muscular pain, stress, and anxiety.

Timeline: Fall 2013 – Fall 2014; 11 Months

Approach: While maintaining the existing Spoonk logo, I revamped the brand to give it a more modern and contemporary feel. I focused on a clean, calming design to pair with Spoonk’s focus on natural, organic health care.

My main role at Spoonk Space was as a Graphic Designer, where I created every asset from packaging design, to print ads, to digital assets for marketing and promotion. I also worked in Marketing Communications, which included corresponding with printing companies, sales representatives, public relations and marketing associates, as well as other designers.